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2021 and Beyond

A glimpse at our future

They say, it is broken.

Are we broken or simply toe-stubbed?

I suppose the answer depends on our grit, belief in our future, and our willingness to be a change agent. Disbelief in ourselves on any of these points and perhaps we -are- broken.

Broken things can be mended, renewed, or even overhauled depending on the nature of the break and the effort we are willing to extend to enact, or be, change.

I believe that 2021 will be a year of acceptance. Acceptance that things HAVE changed and unlikely to ever go back to "how it was" – Life is all about change and adapting to a new circumstance. Our reactions to change, whether we bend, or break, is our choice. We have power - power of choice.

Choose to be change, to embrace the change, and to help those within our circles realize they too have tremendous power – that of choice in how we respond.

Sure, life just handed us a bucket of lemons – Open your lemonade stand!

by Wolf Scott

Founding Fellow @ IOIHAN Research