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Dreams Remembered

Dreams Remembered

I recount as a young lad having dreams of success and happiness. Those were limited dreams, restrained by the exposure of a shielded and unexposed young man not privy to the possibilities of what life could offer. Those dreams were subdued by the responsibilities of raising a family, meeting social obligations, and making sure I didn’t overstep my boundaries. I recall several occasions being reeled back down to my place by friends and family — all meaning to do well, of course, and to “keep me secure”.

Several decades later, I struggle with those same limitations placed upon me by my younger self. Not intending to be timid in my dealings, but struggling to break free of those shackles. It pains me deeply to think that countless young people were similarly “encouraged” to be sensible and rational. Humbug!

Decades Later

Fast forward a few decades and the landscape is quite different – failure is embraced, even encouraged. If you don’t have at least one sensational failure in your background you have failed indeed. Compare that to my startup years where it was frowned upon to be a solo-entrepreneur – today, it is glorified.

Enter the challenge to myself — as I write this little post, I remind myself that I struggled to build a business, a family, and an existence in this world; to make a mark. A mark to prove I was here, and to prove to myself that I mattered — the same happens by default these days as the community supports the individual struggling to make a mark and validates the person and the effort — not so 30 years ago. I sacrificed a lot – family being the highest toll, not giving much thought in that realm as there were larger stakes — foolish young man I was.

Wiser now? not likely – but hopefully so.

I am reminded along this life journey that we each seek out to impact the chronicles of recorded history to ensure our name is marked with significance – that we are remembered. My challenge to myself is to remind myself; to share myself with people and specifically, those close and dear — I struggle as I am a geek — a cold, number crunching, logic seeking individual — but investing in people is the reward of the gray-haired man, and investing myself in my family, friends, and business associates the highest calling — again, I struggle ….

Just a musing shared.

Wolf Scott
Founding Fellow, IOIHAN