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heroku-buildpack-static deprecated - now what?

vueJS static site setup

Heroku VueJS CLI deoloyment

Quite some fussing and putzing about with this buildpack configuration for the VueJS CLI publishing to Heroku. The heroku-buildpack-static was easy and when it was depreciated we weren't left with anything "easy" as a replacement. Well, if there was, I didn't find it. Contacting support left a list of links and no closer to a solution for me.

Necessity is the mother of invention and yesterday was the day to get this resolved. If you are equally frustrated with this process, this may be a solution. It takes just a few minutes to implement.

  • Replace the build pack with the nginx one, as suggested
  • Add 2 files to your project - The contents of these files took a minute!
  • Publish

(I would have written the steps here but this blog engine is horrible at editing and copy/paste here is likewise less than ideal) :(

happy computing,